Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's Spring

.... Forward in time....?
That stupid time of year when the USA moves it clocks ahead an hour. We all agree to abide by this illusion for some fleakin' reason that I just can't explain.

It's also time for the KAOS radio spring membership drive which
I can explain! We need your support to stay on the air bringing you as much independent music and information as we can fit into 7 days every week. It takes nearly 100 volunteers to keep this happening and it takes about $100 dollars and hour to keep this radio station on the air.
We have to raise the money and so we ask the listeners to chip in and give us the love in the form of a pledge of $20 to $365 dollars and become members which in turn gives you not only the satisfaction of knowing you help keep this kaos beast alive, but also a whole bunch of other goodies that you can find out about by giving us a call at 360 867 5267 this week.

Call Tuesday night between 11pm and 1am, pledge $60 or more and I'll make you your very own hand thrown KAOS MUG on top of all the other thank you gifts.

KAOS MUGS shots!

Please become a member so I can feel like I'm doing something worthwhile and not just playing music into the aether. ( not that the aether doesn't need to be filled with awesome grooves. The aether rocks! But it's oblivious to the tangible needs of our community. You are not oblivious because you listen to community radio. ) Please take a moment to let us know how much and why.

You could also just go to and click on th JOIN button.

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