Wednesday, March 07, 2007

3-6-07 playlist

3-6-07 playlist

King Crimson = Prozakc Blues = the ConstruKction of Light – virgin.
KTU = Absinthe = 8 Armed Monkey – thirsty ear rec.
Toast Machine =the Intro Song = Rock Wattage – .
Cliar = Shona MacDonald = Gaelic Scotland vol 2 – arc music.

Bobby Conn = Vanitas = King for a Day – thrill jockey.
Moondog = Enough About Human Rights = Moondog – honest jon rec.
Enuma Elish = Leviathan = Leviathan – lithiq .
Filastine = ja helo = Burn it – soot rec.
Mandible Chatter = Psychotic Reaction = Measuring the Marigolds – Russell rec.

Laurie Anderson = Beautiful Pea Green Boat = Bright Red – WB.
Mandible Chatter = Wynken Blynken & Nod = Measuring the Marigolds –Russell rec.
Merry Singers & orchestra = 3 Little Kittens = ?
Todd Rundgren = Golden Goose = Healer – bearsville rec.
Rickie = thanksgiving 1956 nursery rhymes (a very scratchy 78 rpm)– yantis recordings.
Genesis = the Musical Box = Live – charisma.

Casamir Engine = A Matter of Life = mp3 – .
Trans Am = First Words = Sex Change – thrill jockey.
Alexander Tucker = Rotten Shade = Furrowed Brow – self release.
Astrobleme = Mess it Up = St. Valentines Day Massacre vol.1 = .
Mandible Chatter= Piper in the Woods = Grace - Russell rec.

Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer= track2 = field recording.-Hanson rec.

...and it was another night of silent telephones when I begin to wonder if anyone is listening
(that's not all together true because Domenica called and I'm glad she did. She requested a song from the Mountain Goats Tallehasse cd which was one of 2 Mt.Goat discs I had pulled and was just loading into the cd player as she called!!!) and if I'm doing it all wrong and nobody cares and maybe I should leave it to the fast talking, on target, hip and hype dj's....................Aaaah but NO.
This is community radio, and as such is open to those of us who have an appreciation for the differing styles of delivering music and information over the airwaves. I'm a voice of the Um and Aah and mumbling, stumbling audiocircus clown. True I have room for improvement on that front as well.
I sure do enjoy trying to put this show together and sharing the tunes with you.
Doing Domenica's show was more fun than my own last night and I'm not sure what to make of that. Perhaps I'm just not used to a 4 hour air shift.
......and that's enough of my rambling, revealing selftalk blogstuff for this week ;] I'll probably delete this in a few days.

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