Friday, December 01, 2006

and now for some news

Scientists suggest iPod safe volume levels
Source: UPI COVINGTON, Ky. (UPI) -- U.S. scientists are issuing guidelines on safe volume levels for listening to the Apple iPod portable music player with earphones. The hearing researchers are to present the first-ever detailed guidelines on safe volume levels for listening to the Apple iPod Thursday in Covington, Ky., during a national meeting devoted to preventing and understanding noise-released hearing loss in younger people. Audiologists Brian Fligor of the Harvard Medical School; Terri Ives of the PCO School of Audiology in Elkins Park, Pa.; and audiology doctoral candidate Cory Portnuff of the University of Colorado-Boulder estimate a typical person could safely listen to the iPod for 4.6 hours at 70 percent of full volume using the supplied earphones without greatly increasing the risk of hearing loss. However, the researchers say listening to music at full volume for more than 5 minutes per day through stock earphones could increase the risk of hearing loss in a typical person. The guidelines, the scientists said, apply in general to other music players as well.

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So my recomendation is, don't be an idiot; Turn on your radio and turn it up till it hurts, then turn it back down till it feels just right. But use some care when listening thru those freakin' earphones! Eardrummers don't usually grow back.

Now, back to your regular program.

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