Thursday, October 19, 2006


It's party time!

The KAOS membership drive is underway again and I am looking forward to hearing from all of you. If you are reading this then you may very well enjoy listening on line at and we are happy to have you as listeners. This Tuesday night October 24th is the only day you can pledge on my show, DANCING in CIRCLES and I'd very much like to get a healthy show of support for the show to feel like my efforts are valuable to you and to this station and this fabulous community that we are all a part of.


Also, anyone who pledges $60 or more on Dancing in Circles will recieve a custom made KAOS MUG with their name on it, made by me as a thank you gift, just for you!!!


punslinger said...

Cool mugs Richard! (Or should I say cool mug-shot... or is it mug 'shots'?)

Hey... can I test one out first? They look like they leak... oh wait; that's the part you pour through into your mouth... ok, enough goofin' around!

I'll try to donate something but it probably won't be enough get a mug but every little bit helps I'm sure.

Good luck and see you tomorrow afternoon.

Richard Sinclair said...

Thanx, for being one of my most responsive listeners. You always have some good ideas to contribute to the show. I REALLY appreciate that. And of course anything you can contribute to KAOS is greatly appreciated too. $20 or more gets you the KAOS Membership Card which gets you discounts from many local buisnesses including Rainy Day Records, the Matrix Coffee house, Olympia Supply and Boomerang Music(formerly the CD Connection)

That's the spiel, and it's also the truth. (which I try to tell on occasion)