Sunday, October 15, 2006

catch a wave & much more

I'll be sitting in for Austin on 'Catch a Wave' Monday night playing surf and other jangley stuff 6-8pm. and then Tuesday night will be a Mushroom themed set for KAOS in Wonderland.

It's raining.

I want to re-energize my show. Sometimes having such a broad focused show is difficult and unwieldy and other times I'd want it no other way. I love the freedom to explore many types of music and share it with others tho I would like to have morefeedback at times. I'm know there are people out there who listen and enjoy it. Occationally someone calls and with a question or request and confirms that they've been listening frequently and that's good.

Next week on Thursday the fall membership drive begins and I'm hoping to get some calls that night in support of my show and , If you are reading this and have interest in supporting local independant voices on your radio please give us a call Tuesday evening between 11pm & 1am. at 360 867 5267. It would feel so good to hear from you that night.

And this I'm also looking forward to!
My show will be on October 31, Halloween night this year! I will be joined by my friend Patrick Padovan for 2 hours of spooky darkness and shivering chaos!
Between "Dark Woods Casino Party"," Dancing in Circles" and "Not Radio" that night You might just just have a Ghastly Time! Tune it in to 89.3fm or oooOOOooo!!!

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punslinger said...

I love your show Richard even thouogh I can only hear it second hand (or is a recording called second ear?)

It's the most amazing radio show I've ever heard; but then you know how I usually dislike 99.9% of radio! (my statistics are probably way off but heh... so am I!)

Keep up the awesome Play (would have said work but it didn't fit as well)!!!

Had fun Friday!

Let the buffalo chips fall as they may... mWh