Wednesday, May 24, 2006

5-23-06 Playlist

5-23-06 playlist

11 pm
The Hamster Theatre =Bean Dance = Quasi Day Room – cuneiform
T-Bone Burnett = Blinded by Darkness = the True False identity – DMZ
Low Earth Orbiter = War Dog = Give the World Love and Peace – self release
Orbit Service = Show of Hands = Songs of Eta Carinae – beta lactam ring
Robert Rich = Electric Ladder = Electric Ladder = soundscape

Pirates R Us = the MP3 Waltz = Songs of Modern Piracy – shitake mushroom records
Te’ = Acts = If That Is What is Being….. – status quo records
Nudity = the Night Feeders = Winter in Red – self release
The Naked Carmen = This Sick and Hungry World =The Naked Carmen(original cast)– mercury
Robert Rich = Electric Ladder(more of it) = Electric Ladder – sound scape
Quantum Mechanix presents = Patient of Dr. Seuss=Out of Style – self release
Zimbabwe Nkenya Duo = trk 2 = High Mayhem – emerging arts
12 pm
Simon and Garfunkle = At the Zoo = Bookends – Columbia
Robin Williamson = Zoo Blues = American Stonehenge – flying fish
Cloud Cult = Happy Hippo = Advice From the Happy Hippopotamus – earthology
Adrian Belew = Hot Zoo = Mr. Music Head – atlantic
Adrian Belew = Lone Rhinoceros = Lone Rhino – atlantic
Tim O’Brien = Man Gave names to all the Animals = Sing Along w/Putumayo – putumayo
Genesis = In the Cage = Lamb Lies Down on Broadway – atco

Pirates R Us = KYAR Pirate Radio = Song of Modern Piracy – shitake mushroom records
High Pink Clouds = Surf Out 2006 = the High Pink Clouds – All 11 records
Russian Circles = You Already Did = Enter – flameshovel
The Open Mind = Free as the Breeze = the Open Mind – Philips
1 am
Dom Minasi = Who’s Your Dentist = the Vampires Revenge – CDM
Kraftwerk = Wellenlange = Kraftwerk 2 – germanofon

...and thank you for listening. Next week will be another all new show. Things are fluxing and morphing all around us here on kaos. We can expect it to remain an ever changing creature,,,that continues to bring music and information to the airwaves.
If you have music or other sounds that you think others should hear send them our way.
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Anonymous said...

Hi! Richard's show is the best! Dancing in circles makes all the other shows seem drab and predictable! Yea Dancing in circles!